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Eggplant Recipes Vegan

The best vegan eggplant recipes on yummly vegan egyptian eggplant moussaka eggplant curry vegan vegan eggplant meatballs. With all that being said in todays recipe we are doubling down on veggies with these mediterranean vegan eggplant roll ups.

Mediterranean Vegan Eggplant Roll Ups This Savory Vegan

Then lets get started with all the delicious recipes.

Eggplant recipes vegan. Most recipes are gluten free or gluten free adaptable. Vegan eggplant dip recipes roasted eggplant dip a beautiful plate. I used my tomato sauce recipe and another vegan parmesan recipe because ive been making my own vegan parmesan for a little while now.

11 amazing vegan eggplant recipes for eggplant lovers and skeptics alike. These are just a few things that we love about eggplant. You can get some good quality ones at the store and there are lots of good recipes around.

No need to use dairy to make a great tasting eggplant parm. Eggplant parm is delicious and all but these 21 healthy eggplant recipes go beyond the typical parm sandwich and open your eyes to how much this meaty vegetable has to offer. As always click on the heading above each photo to see the recipe.

Baked vegan eggplant arrabiata is a delicious no fuss oil free version of eggplant parmesan ready with only 15 minutes of active prep time. However every so often you come across a great dip and this is one of those times. Cauliflower is sauteed with garlic spinach sun dried tomatoes and hummus.

Eggplant can be baked braised stir fried deep fried mashed and blended into creamy dips. A little time consuming like any eggplant parmesan recipe but the taste was awesome. Mediterranean recipes stuffed eggplant with rice and tomato sauce and a grilled eggplant salad are you hungry yet.

This baked vegan eggplant arrabiata is sponsored by the awesome folks over at uncle steves. For more information read my privacy policy. Everything from stuffed eggplant to eggplant curries there is a recipe for everyone.

It provides the perfect foundation to a vegan meal whether you like your eggplant with italian japanese moroccan thai or mediterranean flavors. Ready to get cooking. Give these vegan eggplant recipes a try.

Then everything gets rolled up into grilled eggplant slices and baked on a bed of simple marinara sauce. Good dips are not hard to come by. Go ahead and dig in to our favorite vegan eggplant recipes.

Eggplant is a lot more versatile than you might think. Thank you for sharing. Eggplant the amazingly wonderful vegetable.

It was a win. It also holds up fantastically on the grill. This post contains affiliate links.

16 delicious vegan eggplant recipes 1.

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Eggplant Recipes Vegan
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